Everyday Blessings: The Little Things In Life That All Of Us Should Cherish

Little, but significant everyday blessings fill our lives.

Gratitude for these blessings means being appreciative of all our experiences, whether significant or small. You can find reasons for it in all things, no matter how unpleasant they may seem. It is in the everyday things we see and do.

Everyday Blessings

heart-knotThe little pet that licks your face
Overwhelms you with his grace

The little child, who always teases,
Never annoys, but always pleases

Small sandflies that nip your toes
Sandcastles the wind never blows

Stew on the stove, that slowly boils,
Hallmark of mom’s sweat and toil

The rusty coathanger, on which lies
Tired dad’s old coat and tie

The sights and smells, of every day
For each of them, we thank and pray.

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