A Heartfelt Ode to Laksa


For those who are not initiated,, Laksa is a dish of spicy noodles with origins in Malaysia and Singapore. Comprising white noodles, thick, spicy coconut gravy, cockles, and cockles, it stirs the palate and is a firm part of South East Asian culture.

Here is a short Rondel to this dish. A Rondel consists of 13 lines and has an ABBA, ABAB, ABBA(A) rhyme scheme. Do enjoy it and try one yourself.

A Rondel to Laksa

Her strands of smooth white hair

Wrap around and tease
The senses they intrigue and please
How they fill, delight and dare
He red velvet, spicy cloak
Men’s fires it will ignite
Their senses of taste, touch and sight
With stealth enshrouds, quietly stoke
Her red hair and cloak
Put together, satisfy
With shelled red earrings, do invoke
Hungry longing, and mystify
Prompts the need for a second try.

(C) Copyright by Michelle Liew Tsui-LIn


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