A Quarrel

By Faisal I.

Primary Six

As I woke up in bed, I got up by clutching the bedpost by my right hand and hoisting myself up. When I peered around my surroundings, my vision was blurry, but I soon came back to reality. I still needed glasses. Heaving a sigh, I felt around for my glasses like a blind man trying to find his way.

As soon as I put them on, my eyes caught sight of my messy bedroom that I had not cleaned in weeks. In the blink of an eye, I heard angry shouting coming outside from my room. My guess was that my brother, Tyler, was fighting with my sister, Emily. I heaved a huge sigh of relief, hearing their voices, as I was usually the one who was getting bullied and shouted at by my siblings. I soon realised this was not right. Whenever Emily and I fought, my brother would always try to resolve it by persuading us to bury the hatchet. With my eyes barely open, I trudged outside, hoping this would not lead to another fight.

I face-palmed myself. Of course, they were going to fight over something so trivial. I decided to not interfere, as their shenanigans were not my concern. As I was walking across the hallway, Tyler suddenly gave my shirt a harsh tug. ”Hey, Liam, can you tell me what to do to get your phone to charge?” Tyler asked me. I quickly responded,” Of course, you wait patiently for it to charge, or just use the house phone.” Emily jerked me towards her.” So what if you are the oldest, and with more authority and responsibility over any other kid in this house?” Emily interrogated me.”You have to abide by the rules, and help your siblings whenever you can.”I replied.’Go away, loser!” Emily yelled at me for not standing up for her.

After dozens of minutes of bickering,I decided I had enough.I walked determined to my parents door,ready to end this.I knew as soon as I knocked on this door,certain doom would spiral out of control.”No going back.”I thought,as my siblings were starting to get physical.My brother threw a left hook at my sister,resulting in her having a black eye.

I told my parents that Tyler’s and Emily’s squabbling had gone out of hand. They, as well as I, knew well that Tyler and Emily could not resist a good argument. However, as soon as they saw the scene unfolding, with my sister beating my brother with a wooden spoon she found on the kitchen table, they rushed in immediately and executed a stern lecture that lasted for an hour.

Blaming each other at first, their hatred for each other turned into love, and they buried the hatchet. Sitting on two sides of a fence, I wondered if interfering was a good idea. I did not gain anything in return except for saliva on my face from Tyler and Emily each yelling at me to defend them. Relieved, I continued my casual morning with some glorious tea and biscuits.


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