A review of Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus


Parents who want to introduce their children to Greek mythology should grab a copy of Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero: Heroes of Olympus.

The book broaches Greek Mythology in a modern setting that older children can appreciate. Adults, too, will enjoy this tale, which Riordan has enriched with mythical elements.

For parents who want to explore the sometimes lengthy subject of mythology with their children, this tale is apt. Riordan fills it with mythical creatures that children will want to know more about.

Positive messages abound in The Lost Heroes. Friendship and loyalty, traits that many look for in their friends, are big themes in this novel. It also teaches children how to face their greatest fears.  The three teens are positive role models who risk their lives timelessly for each other.

That said, there is little violence in this novel. Though there are attacks by Mythological Gods, there is little blood or gore.

Riordan explores the relationship between Jason and Piper, but the sexuality is not pronounced. It is a recommended read for parents who are uncomfortable with discussing the birds and bees with their children.

That said, Mix of modernism and Greek mythology is a little anarchic for some.

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