A Review of Sum


Sum is a collection of 40 tales from the afterlife by prolific author David Eagleman. It offers stark, thought-provoking perspectives of death. This compilation of 40 short stories is poignant, sensitive  and sometimes frightening.

When you first thumb through the pages of this book, what will instantly strike you is Eagleman’s strong sentiment viz the afterlife. The opening sentence of the book is an example: “In the afterlife you relive all your experiences, but this time in a new order.” It behooves you to flip through the rest of the book to find out more about what happens when you face the inevitable.

It also contains nuggets of truth. Particularly so is the short story, Mary, which details how the author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, sits on a throne given by God. Eagleman’s purpose is not to deliberately give credence to anyone, but to show that Shelley has made a point about humans being responsible for their lives. They create their destinies. The book is relatable, for Eagleman’s thoughts reflect many of our own.

What I like most about this book is its short length. Mostly 2 pages in length, you can thumb through these stories easily

The single flaw of this book is that the concepts can overwhelm, because they are, to a large effect, existentialist.  Existentialism is abstract, and difficult to grasp.

Read this book if you are up for a bit of a reading challenge. Do grab it from Getting Literal Retro Goods today.


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