A take on Vampirates by Justin Stomper


Fans who have read Justin Somper’s Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean, prepare for its sequel, Tide of Terror, to sweep you away.

Justin Somper returns with another action-packed novel with plot arcs that promise to engage you and leave you wanting to read more.

Twins Grace and Connor Tempest reunite at the end of Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean and continue on their buckaneering adventures. While Connor has taken to the pirate life, Grace finds it less appealing.

Connor later discovers that the Pirate Life is not always an adrenaline rush. He finds his loyalties divided between his sister and his shipmates.

Though she has left the Vampirate ship behind, Grace cannot dismiss the feeling that something is wrong on board. Readers will have to unravel this mystery for themselves.

One of the draws of this follow-up novel is that it is markedly longer than the first. This leave more room for Stomper to develop his characters. Amazon reviewers noticed that Grace, in particular, is more of a heroine, which is a pleasant change.

Somper packs the novel with fast-paced action. With detailed descriptions of the Vampirate’s actions, this novel has a lot of swashbuckling.

The novel is a suitable read for boys. Parents who have problems getting their young boys to focus on reading will find this novel a draw for their young Joes.

No novel is without flaws. Tide of Terror has more action than horror, which, at times, seems predictable. There are also a few superfluous characters in the novel, which do not seem necessary. Descriptions of the Vampirates’ actions, they seem long-winded.

This book is a welcome read if you are a fan of  Pirates of the Caribbean type of action, but do not read it if pure, shocking horror is what you are after.

It is a highly recommended read for children, especially boys. Do consider adding this book to your Young Adult Arsenal.


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