Being a Warrior Teddy

You may have tried to extend your hand to feed a little dog, only to end up going to the emergency room because your finger nearly got detached. I don’t need to fill in the blanks.

Showing kindness to someone can make you quake a bit. You may get a reaction like this.

Compassion puts you in two minds. While you wish to be kind, you don’t want to be taken for a ride (in some cases, several)either.

You may remember the Care Bears, a popular cartoon from the 1980s. Most of us wish to become like these warrior bears, who trump negativity while maintaining their core of care. Yes, they care while they give the ultimate Care Bear Stare.

As cute as the idea seems, mimicking them isn’t easy. Many people view kindness as a weakness. They see it as a way to get their feet in the door with you.

Still, these bears prove that you can debunk this notion as long as you don’t shed your positive attitude. I am thankful for the chances I had to show that kindness does not make me vulnerable.

Little dogs never see my kindness as a weakness. Cloudy and Misty don’t snap fingers off but jump with happy hearts when they see their food.

My husband doesn’t take my kindness as a vulnerability. He knows that I will give him  a  good one-two when I need to.

I am thankful for people who return my kindness with their own.

I am grateful for writing clients who return my willingness to go the extra mile with understanding. They don’t push me when I cannot finish their work on time.

Your have full permission to be a warrior bear.

The Bear
Cares with a heart
That does not break apart
When shattered by piercing arrows


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8 thoughts on “Being a Warrior Teddy

  1. I agree with the first observation, that unfortunately there is no shortage of those would repay kindness with negativity and selfishness. But then, there are people, as you make clear both in words and, more importantly in acts, that to Offer kindness to the world is a good thing.

  2. My Warrior Bear is feeling a little deflated this week. Who couldn’t use a little Care Bear reminder to lift their spirits?! Takes me back to teaching kindergarten in the mid-1980s. Fun!

  3. I think if someone uses your compassion and kindness to pounce on you, that’s their problem. If you offer a dollar to a hungry person and they buy cigarettes instead of food, are you less compassionate? Keeping positive and grateful is the key.

  4. Oh, I am aware, being born in the mid 80s and given the name Kerry.
    I had a nickname that reflected the name and the popularity of that show during those years.
    Glad you have some understanding writing clients, even if some people take your kindnesses and don’t return them.

  5. Yup, my warrior is a bit on the outs this week, too, with all this allergy and sickness. I could use a get well bear right now! I’m sure there was one, wasn’t there?
    Kindness shouldn’t be a weakness, but unfortunately some people see it that way and take advantage of it. I wish more people saw it as strength and courage.

  6. YOWZER! I hope your hand is better and your finger is reattached! What a horrid thing to happen! I’m sure the little dog didn’t mean it, but still! Doesn’t make working any easier for you, either, I guess 🙁

    Kindness is good, but I think it can sometimes leave you vulnerable to unscrupulous people.

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