Bluebell, The Sound of Gratitude

I love bluebells, don’t you?

We hear that we must see gratitude in all things, but that is a tall order when the tide turns against us. Being grateful to the Powers that Be, when the chips are down, is near to impossible for anyone. And that’s what the Bluebell does best.

This thought raises the question: Does living a life of gratitude mean merely saying thank you when the sun shines, or when we receive the promotion that we have always wanted. Perhaps it entails more; it may mean saying thank you because Providence has seen us through a hard day, even if it seemed absent. It requires trust and tremendous patience. Most of all, it requires unquestioning faith.

The Bluebell, with its lovely colors, resounds thankfulness at all times. It’s hard to resound like this lovely flower, but perhaps we should start.

The Bluebell Sounds

With sweet tunes, the bluebell sounds
With Divine Grace, it blooms,
For giving thanks, it has much room
With lifted stems, it resounds

Bearing tides of joy, the Bluebells come
Playing soft tunes of ease
All merging, with thankful thoughts, as one
In a cheerful dance, to please

Ah, with tunes of gratefulness, the bluebells peal,
For the times when rain does wet;
They know that the sun will shine yet
With rays of glorious hope that heal
Senseless woe, and sore weal.

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Michelle Liew
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5 Comments on "Bluebell, The Sound of Gratitude"

  1. I agree with your first thought Michelle, It can be a tall order. I believe it entails doing both. Life is all about having faith and trust. In our selves, in other people, in powers greater than our selves.
    Your poetry mirrors your words nicely 🙂

  2. With tunes of gratefulness, the bluebells peal. Oh, that is so lovely. You have such a gift for the lyrical.

  3. I do think it’s important to show gratitude to God for what we receive. Even if you believe in free will, I like to think he has a little hand in everything we do!

  4. We had blue bells where we used to live. I always enjoyed seeing their blossoms each year.

    The phrase, “this too shall pass” has helped me when it seemed the chips were down. I have learned that life really isn’t an easy course and that there are going to be ups and downs. I treasure those times that are smoother and try to consider the lessons I have learned from my trials and to be grateful that I had an opportunity to learn and to grow, however painful the lessons may have been.

  5. This is really beautiful in a multitude of different ways and meanings. It has such a nice flow to it. I typically write short descriptive fantasy pieces on my blog, but this makes me want to learn how to write poetry. Thank you for sharing such a lovely and inspiring piece.

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