The Rare Blue Moon: My Thoughts and Thanks for Chances

Someone said that the best chances in life are free, but he was mistaken.

Chances in life do not come at the snap of a finger, so we appreciate them. And this is what I intend to do today. They make up this list of gratitude.

First of all, I am thankful for the long-awaited opportunity to move to a new home. Our present abode served us well for the past 15 years, and we will ensure that she is in good hands. That said, it is time to move on.

I am glad to interact with patient clients who do not mind when I fail to meet deadlines. I am fortunate to have encountered those who understand that producing a good piece of work takes time.

This week also gave me the chance to get rid of clutter. In preparation for my move to a new home, I threw away all the clothes no longer use. I purchased a new microfiber cloth, a trivial detail, but it has boosted my cleaning efficiency.

[I am glad for food because it became the perfect excuse to have a barbecue this week. We had chicken wings we did not know how to deal with, so we decided to grill them. The day became a family bonding session. I got to understand my brother-and-sister-in-law better.

I got the chance to visit the temple where my Husband usually worships. This situation is hard at times because we subscribe to different religions; I am Catholic and he, Taoist. I had more familiarity with Taoist customs this weekend.

May the week ahead have lots of chance and joy in store.

The Rare Blue Moon

The rare
Blue moon
Overwhelming night
When you bring its shimmers to mind.

(c) Poem by Michelle Liew Tsui-Lin


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Michelle Liew
I am a freelance writer who loves short fiction, poetry , music and anything about pets. Muses from the Deep is now on mobile. Catch it at Alternatively, clicking on a post will bring you to the mobile site for easier reading while on the phone! Happy blogging, all!

10 Comments on "The Rare Blue Moon: My Thoughts and Thanks for Chances"

  1. Hey Michele. Long time. How are you? So nice to see you here again. Josie is doing a great job of hosting.

  2. This was a great list of thankfuls, Michelle! I really loved the perspective of “chances” being blessings! Opportunities for good present themselves to us everyday, but we have to be aware and seize the moment, and you certainly did! Moving to a new home is a wonderful reason to be thankful, and it provided the motivation to sort through unused clothing. Nothing feels better than purging excess stuff! The new cleaning cloth sounds great, I need about a case of them, it is always dusty in West Texas! 🙂

    I am glad you have understanding clients, it motivates you to do your very best when you are appreciated! Sharing a BBQ with family and getting closer in the process is a total win. We all need to take more time away from our busy schedules to interact with those we care about.

    It is wonderful that you accompanied your husband to his temple. I believe that we have much to learn from all religions and being able to better understand your husband’s faith is great for your relationship.

    Thank you so much for coming to join us at TToT this week, reading your list of gratitude was a great way to start my morning. Blessings to you in the days ahead!

  3. Good luck with your house move. I find de-cluttering very therapeutic 🙂

  4. Every chance we have, to see all the moons of our lifetime.

    Good luck with the move.

  5. So good to see you back again! I love a blue moon and I love your poem. We should always grab rare chance and opportunities when they arise.
    Best wishes as you move to your new home – such a mixture of sadness and joy in a move like that. I love the way you dealt with the chicken wings and turned it into a family gathering – that’s always a very cool thing.
    Have a great week!

  6. Oh, moving–no wonder you’ve been quiet lately! That is a big job! However, it is also exciting. Good luck with your preparations!

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