Compassion Fatigue? Here’s What To Do About It

Do you pull a long face when someone tells you that kindness pays, or to pay it forward? Do you feel out of it when someone tells you that it is your turn to volunteer for a good cause? Perhaps you have compassion fatigue.

What Causes Compassion Fatigue?

Compassion fatigue is a paradox of sorts. What causes this odd, yet common phenomenon?

First of all, you may have a fear of being taken for granted. Some people may take a yard when you offer an inch; this is scary. It may not seem fair that people pile on expectations of you after you have delivered so much. Your compassion becomes a given, so they become disgruntled when you withdraw it.

Next, you may feel reluctant to make a commitment. Compassion takes a long time to bear fruit. One of the reasons people list for not showing kindness is the fear of losing steam. You worry that you may have to display it all the time, so you withhold it.

In addition, you may feel that the sacrifices you make are meaningless. There is seldom a reward for compassion; the gratitude that others may express is not tangible.

Lastly, you may feel that you lack the time or resources to show kindness to others. It may seem like a tremendous sacrifice that requires you to go out of your way.

Reversing Compassion Fatigue

Kindness is perpetual; one should never tire of it. These words, however, are easy to say but not easy to put into action. How do you reverse compassion fatigue?

First of all, have no expectations when doing good for others because they can lead to disappointment. Not expecting anything in return allows you to give freely. Show compassion because you should, not because you want reciprocation.

And then, compassion is in the little things. All it takes is a kind word and genuine smile.

Compassion fatigue slows you down for a while but is not permanent. Reverse it, and it soon passes.

The wilting rose
Having given all its petals
Is fresh again.


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