Embracing Faith, the stubborn mustard seed

As everyone knows, faith in Providence is like a mustard seed.

It’s tiny but can grow into a humongous tree if you let it. The problem everyone faces is that it’s stubborn. And that’s true of all religions. Perhaps our constant struggle with faith is a hallmark of our humanity.

Thoughts On Faith: Why is Faith So Hard To Grow?

So why’s faith so hard to grow? For many people, it’s a case of complacency. They’re so used to their relationship with Providence that issues that matter are seldom on their minds.
Also, people face challenges that make them doubt this relationship. Anyone knows that having faith when everything seems dim is a struggle.
And then, people may experience conflicts of beliefs. They waver when those around them shape their thinking.

Ways to Grow Faith


So how would you grow that sometimes rather stubborn mustard seed?
First of all, have genuine love for life. When we delight in the little things, the painful ones become easier to bear. And the mustard seed starts to grow.
Of course, fertilizing and growing a mustard seed takes patience. There’s no running away from the fact that setbacks may spoil it but it still grows if you are resolute enough.
Finally, spare a thought for others and yourself. Empathize with your next door neighbor when things are rough, and yourself when the going gets tough.
Opportunities for Growing Faith
Therefore, I’m thankful for the opportunities to grow my mustard seed this week, in spite of the challenges I faced along the way.
I wrote an article that was a tad controversial and it, of course, garnered negative feedback from those who are prone to being reactive. But I’m thankful for my editor, who understands when people are unreasonable. I’m also grateful for readers who also pointed out such unreasonableness. That solidifies my faith.
I’m grateful for online church services. I know that they can’t compare with a live community, but they come in useful when it’s hard to commute.
Finally, I’m grateful for my family members and friends. In various ways, they’ve let me see that Faith never dies if you don’t let it.

The Stubborn Mustard Seed



Sprouts from

The soil nourished by

A tender, nurturing heart of love


Emerge from

The Sturdy stem that grows

With a vast abundance of patience


And Seeds

Spring from the rough ends

Of the branches formed by Patience.
That little mustard seed can grow by leaps and bounds when nurtured with the hands of love, patience, and kindness.


About the Author

Michelle Liew
I am a freelance writer who loves short fiction, poetry , music and anything about pets. Muses from the Deep is now on mobile. Catch it at http://mobile.dudamobile.com/site/gettingliteral Alternatively, clicking on a post will bring you to the mobile site for easier reading while on the phone! Happy blogging, all!

4 Comments on "Embracing Faith, the stubborn mustard seed"

  1. Michelle, this was such a beautifully shared message of wisdom and hope, and a reminder that we can choose between complacency and growing our faith into something that will sustain us through all the hard times. The steps you shared for increasing faith are simple and practical, and more importantly… they work!

    It is difficult when we share something with others that is not received in the spirit we intended. It’s hard not to take it personally, and we want so badly to further explain and convince, and that isn’t always possible when dealing with closed minds. I am thankful, too, that you have an editor who sees things clearly and supports you. Online church services are a wonderful blessing for people who can’t get out or choose not to for various reasons, it helps keep you connected to faith, rather than feeling isolated.

    Your poem is lovely, and I know from my own life how large one very tiny nurtured mustard seed can grow. Thank you for sharing this uplifting post with us at TToT! <3

  2. I love your post today, Michelle. When I was a little girl I had a necklace shaped like a heart with a tiny mustard seed inside it. Behind the heart hung a little gold square that read “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you.” I always loved it. I still have it – don’t wear it as the chain is much too small now. It often catches my eye when I open my jewelry box and I still love that statement. It’s a good reminder.
    Lovely poem!

  3. The mustard seed parable has been a hallmark in my family. In tough times, breathing and remembering helps. Great post, Michelle.

  4. I appreciated reading your comments on faith. People of many religions and even people who don’t belong to any church and may even profess to not believe in God often exhibit faith of some sort. The difference may be in what or who they have faith, whether it is faith in their own knowledge to do something, or faith in the help of others. From a religious viewpoint my understanding of what faith is can be explained best by certain scriptures, but seeing it in action when people go through own trials of faith and the purification of their souls that comes is beautiful and so inspiring.
    Online church services are a great blessing to those who are housebound residents in nursing facilities.

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