Hidden Blessings

If you’ve had hard knocks but are thankful for the bruises, this post is for you. The Powers that Be often showers us with gifts that are so well-concealed that we don’t notice them even if we try.

Something may have crushed your hopes for your dream home, but it turns out that the smaller one you bought is cozier. You may have lost your job, but got a better one the following month.

You get my drift.

These hidden blessings are hard to accept. How can you, when they are, well, hidden?
Being unseen does not change the fact that they are there, though. Whether they are obvious to you or not, it’s time to give them some credence.

They may have reshaped your life in ways that you never realized. With that, I am thankful for a few unseen gifts this week.

I am grateful that the rain disrupted my plans to visit Coney Island, Singapore’s latest nature reserve. It lifted the haze enshrouding the country.

I am glad that my tablet application to watch cable TV hadn’t worked earlier because the service provider substituted it for a more efficient one.

It’s good that my husband and I weren’t able to book an apartment unit we liked this week, as we have other affordable options.

I’m glad that I trusted my instincts and chose the right writing assignments this week.

I’m grateful for the hidden blessing of technology, which we use to express gratitude.

Invisible gift
The contents not clearly seen
Value unspoken

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8 thoughts on “Hidden Blessings

  1. There are so many things to be thankful that can easily be missed. I try to look at the bright side of everything. Even drama.

    Recently I had someone block me and several others in a Facebook. People who had been friends with for many many years. No reasons given. later I learned the person who blocked me was mad people were asking why they were blocked. From what the response was, I am very thankful I was blocked. I learned the person was never really a friend but a scammer with several aliases to do so.

    Finding the hidden blessing can come in all forms.

  2. It’s often difficult to see the “good” things through the lens of disappointment or sadness…
    Your post is a nice reminder Michelle, to remember that often, when we look, we do not see.

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