The Grace of Miracles

Birth Miracles

Miracles- a little baby

“You will when you believe.” So runs a line from Miracles.

This song hails from the soundtrack of the Prince of Egypt, a Disney animated film.

One can describe miracles as inexplicable, random occurrences. Rather, these little happenings mold each day.

Furthermore, these common, everyday occurrences may not have any obvious consequence. Therefore, people cherish, yet neglect them. Though unnoticeable, these minor events have an impact.

So saying, I offer thanks for the blessings that complete my existence today.

Little Miracles This Week

The Miracle of life is profound, complex and most importantly, relieving. Tumors developed in my brain 24 years ago, and doctors removed them after several rounds of surgical treatments. Although my executive functions aren’t as dynamic as they were before, I’m thankful for the chances to become a teacher and freelance writer. I’m grateful to shape in the world in my little way.

Of course, my dogs Misty and Cloudy make this list of miracles. Misty, in particular, is a 16-year-old miracle. She went through liver operations, epilepsy, and bumps to the head, and is walking about as if they never happened. She is ever the quiet, sturdy companion.

Another miracle is, naturally, my husband. A resilient man, Kelvin’s steadiness helped me to make it through many dry periods over the past 16 years. We have stayed together despite tough challenges, and I can say that we have conquered the mire along the way.

I’m also grateful for the miracle of my parents. My relationship with them isn’t as stable as I’d like it, but I’m grateful for the kindness they’ve extended to me throughout the years. It’s that compassion which helped me overcome countless obstacles.

Finally, I’m grateful for the miracle of my parents-in-law. Though they are of an entirely different background from myself, we’ve come to understand one another over the years. Their kindness and capacity for forgiveness impress me.

Let’s give thanks for the little miracles that take place in our lives each day.


Babe cries
Life’s newest grace
Magnificent mystery
That fills the world with goodness and



About the Author

Michelle Liew
I am a freelance writer who loves short fiction, poetry , music and anything about pets. Muses from the Deep is now on mobile. Catch it at Alternatively, clicking on a post will bring you to the mobile site for easier reading while on the phone! Happy blogging, all!

6 Comments on "The Grace of Miracles"

  1. Hello Michelle! I am so happy to see you joining us this week! I am smiling broadly as I read your post, nodding my head in agreement that life is indeed about little miracles that make our existence not only bearable but blessed! Obviously you have a huge miracle in that you have survived your medical issues and have gone on to overcome and thrive! The same goes for Misty. Dogs have so much to teach us in their unwavering devotion and acceptance of life on life’s terms.

    Your husband sounds like mine, strong, dependable, supportive, and loving. Marriage isn’t easy, and it only works if the people involved are committed to it. You are blessed to have a keeper! I understand about parents, the blessing being that they have always been there for us, and loved us even at times when we didn’t see eye to eye. I am delighted that you’ve come to value your in-laws and they you as well. The older I get the more I wish I had my parents and in-laws still alive to share with.

    In noting the miracle of babies, you’ve identified one of the most amazing I think! A perfect little human emerges after 9 months with everything needed to grow, learn, love, and bring their own personal light to the world, and yet they are born with such purity and innocence, believing easily as I wish we sometimes could!

    Thank you for this lovely post, have a wonderful week ahead! I’ll look forward to seeing you at TToT again!

  2. Hi, Michelle!
    You are so right about miracles. And I absolutely believe it is the small, every day miracles in our lives that make the most impact. But they do so subtly, in ways we hardly notice until we realize just how powerfully we have been affected.
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. You have faced some difficult challenges in your life, and it seems that because of having to face these hard things, you are stronger and are able to appreciate the important things in life and to see the miracles of our very being. I’m glad that you have such a supportive family and your beloved dogs too.

  4. I spent yesterday holding my niece. Miracle right there. She’s the only proof of miracles I need. Lovely post here.

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