A Short Post for all Mothers: Motherhood Comes In All Forms

Mothman Prphecies
Mothman Prophecies

Motherhood takes all forms.

May being the month for moms, everyone celebrates Motherhood by dedicating this post to all devoted and loving mothers. They deserve much more than a day or month of celebration.


My Take on Motherhood

Motherhood is a challenge. Apart from enduring the painful births of their children, Mothers have the grave responsibility of making sure that their young ones don’t fall by the wayside at any time.

What’s worse is that they’ve to endure the tantrums and negative reactions of their children when the latter group doesn’t understand their good intentions.

Furthermore, society judges a mother more than a father for a child’s flawed behavior. Mothers had the pressure to make sure that their kids ‘grew up right’ since time began.

There’s an added dimension to modern motherhood. Moms these days must toggle their careers with their kids’ needs. It’s an uneven balance everyone’s aware of, but too few people address.


Motherhood Protecting Baby Feet

Motherhood Takes All Forms

Your first thoughts at the word ‘mother’ are usually those of a married woman who raises a typical family. But motherhood takes all forms.

There are adoptive moms, who, by choice or otherwise, bear the burden of raising children who are not their own. They may face the angst of having to tell their little ones who their birth mothers are.

Stepmoms also raise children who are not their own. They struggle with having to bond with a ready-made family.

Then, there are pet owners, often unrecognized owners of ‘fur kids.’ They have the love and affection of their fur babies but must realize that their charges can never communicate with them the way human children do.

Of course, there are the amazing ‘super moms’ who wear all these hats.

For every woman who’s a mom, no one can ever thank you enough for the sacrifices you make.. Like the pink carnation, you lose your lovely pink petals, or shields, to protect.


Motherhood: Pink Carnation

Pink Carnation

The Lovely
Pink Carnation
Beautiful shields that fall
And cover the young roots that grow
Gifts of Thanks falling so fondly
On the strong pinkish shields
That guard and teach
The roots.


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2 Comments on "A Short Post for all Mothers: Motherhood Comes In All Forms"

  1. Michelle, this was such a beautiful, thoughtful post on mothers and the many roles the fill. It is by far the hardest job in the world, and yet one we wouldn’t give up for anything! I was pleased to see you noting that there are many different forms of being a mother, none of them are easy, and society is so quick to judge if you don’t do it all “just right” by their standards. The truth is that no mother does it ALL just right, most of us try our very best though, and most of our kids will turn out just fine. Mine are grown up now, and they remember all the good things about growing up and about having me as a mom, and they claim to have no recall of the things I wish I’d done better. Love is all that matters! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us for TToT, mothers and motherhood are indeed something to be thankful for! 🙂

  2. Lovely Michelle. And as a brand new grand-ma, this is particularly insightful and uplifting.

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