The Mothman Prophecies, a gripping novel by John Keel

If the Apocalypse draws you, the Mothman Prophecies is the book you should read.

This non-fiction narrative shows how chilling the truth is. A book that inspires fear, the Mothman Prophecies is a novel that makes you dread what is to occur in the future.


The 1975 book is John Keel’s brainchild. It details his sightings of am enormous, gigantic being known as the Mothman in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia. The appearances occurred in 1966 and 1967.

Keel combines his accounts of the Mothman with theories about supernatural phenomena and UFOS. He believed that they caused the Ohio Silver Bridge to collapse in 1967. Since then, people have felt that the Mothman’s appearance portends evil.


The story, because of the Mothman’s dark foreboding presence, is creepy. Also, the gripping reality of his predictions strikes a raw nerve. Therefore, the book has an ‘end of the world’ aura.

It’s also well-researched. John Keele gives realistic accounts of what happens to the people at Point Pleasant, and there isn’t a point when readers feel the need to doubt the truth of his words.

Furthermore, everything described here is correct. The people of Point Pleasant, who recounted the disasters, vouch for the accuracy of the events depicted.


All books have points that need consideration, and this one is no different.

The one point to note about The Mothman Prophecies is that it skips around. Consequently, the flow of events is not clear.


In all, this book suits those who like a story based on real events.


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