Music Theory: A Comprehensive Workbook – A Review

Joyce's book

Finally, an accessible theory compilation that will introduce music to the world.
?A prolific instrumentalist and vocalist, Joycelyn Chng aims to pass her passion on to other music lovers. The dedicated music teacher, with a Master in Music Education from Boston University and a BA (Dip Ed), has composed a theory workbook entitled “Music Theory: The Comprehensive Work Book.”

The book embraces music lovers who come from all walks of life. Whether you are an adult beginning on your music journey or a young musician wanting to improve your skills, this theory compilation is for you. ?
This detailed book takes the needs of both experienced and novice music-makers into account.??It introduces the fundamentals of notation, including note naming and note value. Detailed explanations help beginning musicians to decipher the mysteries of accidentals, tones and semitones.??To the more experienced music-ker, the book introduces concepts of chords. It explores the relationships between major and minor scales. Useful notes help a learner make sense of chord progressions.

Kudos to Joycelyn for creating a book that is ALL-inclusive. It satisfies many teaching and learning music needs. This book, being detailed and easily understood, reaches out to all who want to know more about music.

This book is an important stepping stone for adults who have had a casual experience with music but have no formal music education. Any pop/classical instrumentalist or vocalist will benefit greatly from the many concepts Joycelyn has included here. It is also a boon for music students who want to ensure they have mastered the basics of music theory.

Music teachers are constantly on the lookout for resources. If you belong to their ranks, you will find this comprehensive workbook a blessing.

Music Theory: The Comprehensive Workbook is a book that will bring music to the world.

Look out for a step-up book for you to achieve a grade 5 theory certification in the coming year!

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A video of To Zanarkand with Joycelyn Chng on the piano

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