Online Writers Make These 8 Mistakes

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All online writers who pen articles want to start their career on the right note.

And Getting Literal is here to help. Here are some errors online writers should try to avoid if they are new to the writing game. Even if they are old hands, the advice will still benefit you.

8 Mistakes All Online Writers Makes


Online Writers

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1.Not writing an excellent introduction

First of all, many online writers make the mistake of burying the lead. The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How are vital to your story. These settings anchor your reader and help him decide if he’s interested in what you have to say.

2. Wrong Tone

The tone of the story is what creates familiarity. Many online writers write their pieces using the wrong tone, e.g., being friendly when formability is the proper tone. Using the wrong tone can make your audience uncomfortable.

3. Starting sentences in the same way

Many online writers use transition words like ‘also,’ ‘Furthermore’ and ‘moreover’ to structure their paragraphs and make their writing readable. However, many of them have the habit of starting every paragraph with these words, which take away the creative ‘oomph’ of the piece. The syntax becomes garbled and lacks variety.

4. Padding Articles

Search engine optimization sometimes forces online writers to write their articles in long form. To make up extra content, writers  ‘fill up’ their articles with irrelevant content. These are loose facts that aren’t attractive.

5. Cliches

Writers seem to have a batch of stock phrases up their sleeves. You’ll hear phrases like ‘a new lease of life’ and ‘diamond in the rough.’often. While they lend a touch a class to your writing, they may become dated when overused.

6. Being Vague

Many online writers fall prey to the listing syndrome. Many of them create lists of familiar content.

Let’s say that their task is to write a biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. They’ll write up a list of achievements that people already know about the inventor. A better way to approach the task is to introduce seldom-discussed facts instead.

7. Writing Long Sentences

Also, if readers have to read through an entire paragraph, article, or novel before he can get to the end of it, it’s not good new. Make each sentence easy for readers to digest.

8. Using Too Much “i”

Most online writers interchange the use of “we’ and “i” when they write. There is always a temptation to inject a personal opinion and start sentences with”I.” However, that might cause an article to sound too egotistical or cynical.

For those who blog or write articles online, avoiding these common mistakes will push them ahead in your freelancing careers.


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