Thankful for the Year That’s Been

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I apologize for having neglected my gratitude lists for so long. I’ve taken on more teaching responsibilities, which have robbed me of time to write. That said, writing regular thankful lists will be an excellent start to a new year and a new decade.

So, what was so outstanding about 2019?

  1. Cloudy and Zorra

Those of you who know me will be familiar with my West Highland White Terrier, Cloudy. Her doggy expressions are unforgettable. It’s almost as if she’s capable of conversation. At eight, she has just turned Senior Dog but is still a white bundle of energy.

Then, there’s Zorra, a black mongrel I adopted about half a year ago. She was timid when she first came to us but is now comfortable with humans and her dog pals alike. I am thankful that these two can get along.


Of course, I am thankful for my better half, Kelvin. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without him being as tolerant and accommodating as he is. Besides contributing dog food and treats, he also helps with the household, especially when teaching duties and writing obligations make me frazzled.


I never imagined myself teaching again, having given it up because it was too taxing for me all those years ago.

But here I am, teaching English again, and I’m thankful for being able to do so. Each child I teach is a young blessing, even if I don’t feel that way sometimes. From him or her, I learn and grow.


I’m also thankful for being able to write for a few websites and my blogs. I love teaching, but writing has always been a passion of mine.

5.A New Home

I moved into a new home sometime last year. I am grateful that it’s near transport and convenient amenities. The swimming pool and the gym doesn’t hurt either.

6.New Paw Friends

I was initially afraid that my dogs wouldn’t be able to socialize in our new area, but that fear proved to be unfounded. Both Cloudy and Zorra have more friends than we do. We’ve been attending dog birthdays and events, so there you have it.

7.My brother’s marriage

My kid brother got married last year. The wedding was a hassle, but I am glad Keith has somebody who can rein his ego in when necessary. May they grow together in love and tolerance.


I am thankful for Netflix. It’s nice to access shows anywhere, anytime. I can satisfy the horror fan in me.


Then, there’s the Singaporean staple, the coffeeshop. Several have opened near me. These don’t have the most delicious food but will suffice when we are hungry and short of time.

10.The TTOT

Thanks for being a blog hop that reminds all of us how essential gratitude is. It keeps us upbeat and aware that not all is negative with the world. I thank you for being a part of that.

Little gems
That fall on us
When we are least aware
They sparkle
When we need their light
The most.


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Michelle Liew
I am a freelance writer who loves short fiction, poetry , music and anything about pets. Muses from the Deep is now on mobile. Catch it at Alternatively, clicking on a post will bring you to the mobile site for easier reading while on the phone! Happy blogging, all!

3 Comments on "Thankful for the Year That’s Been"

  1. It is good to see you back here at the TToT blog hop, and of course with a photo of Cloudy who as adorable as ever.

    Wow, stepping back into teaching after having had a period of absence might be full of some challenges given how society and the children within it have changed some over the years. Children are children, but parenting styles have changed somewhat and the digital age has definitely made an impression, both good and bad

    Sometimes there are turnarounds in life, and what you expected never to do again turns up when you least expect it.

    What a year you had with a move, the marriage of a brother, returning to teaching, and another dog thrown in the mix!

    I am looking forward to reading your posts here at TToT.

  2. I’m delighted you are back at the TToT, Michelle! Your new home sounds great, especially with a pool – I’m guessing that’s especially appreciated in Singapore! Cloudy is 8 already?! Nice that he has a “little brother” and they seriously go to doggy birthday parties! And I totally understand that it’s not always easy seeing each child as a blessing!

  3. Hi Michelle! Good to see you at the TToT again! What a cute photo of Cloudy! Love the poem, too!

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