Rare Thanks

The Himalayan Lily blooms only once in seven years. Like the Lily, we may not be so overt or expressive with our thanks for our blessings, but grateful we are. Happy Seven Years, TTOT.

Flowers pure and white
Their petals facing heaven, forever endearing
Though bloom not often, their petals face
The One above who gives boundless blessings;

Their presence, though limited
Felt strong, fondly
Their blessings, though rare seem
Truly and surely given.


About the Author

Michelle Liew
I am a freelance writer who loves short fiction, poetry , music and anything about pets. Muses from the Deep is now on mobile. Catch it at http://mobile.dudamobile.com/site/gettingliteral Alternatively, clicking on a post will bring you to the mobile site for easier reading while on the phone! Happy blogging, all!

7 Comments on "Rare Thanks"

  1. I love this! Your poems are always so beautiful!

  2. That flower is just perfect for this celebration. I love your poem.

  3. Wonderful! What patience it takes to wait for the bloom, and what patience we need with each other as we grow, too.

  4. Apt and beautiful lines for the rare white flowers.

  5. Presence rarely seen is so much more powerful. Lovely.

  6. Wow…Those are really wonderful lines

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