Having a Conviction Backbone

Regrouping after a loss is always a challenge. Most people would rather give up than try. 

Why is it difficult to climb over the loss mountain? Your pride gets in the way. The loss of face makes you unwilling to persist. Most of the time, the gravity of the loss is difficult to take in. 

We live in a success-oriented, fast-moving society.  Failure can seem like a sucker punch. 

Your conviction backbone, according to Carolyn B Ellis,  has to be flexible and vigorous. It is what supports you when the chips are down. 

To strengthen yours, try deep breathing. It will give you the impetus to give failure a hug. Choose to regroup instead of to stay stuck in a rut. 

When you fail, you tend to lose sight of the big picture. Reevaluate your purpose, and it will motivate you to get back in the game. 

Try the WWW formula. Ask yourself what worked, what didn’t, and what you would change if you could. It will put you on the course for positive change. 

Give yourself the permission to fail. It strengthens you and makes you brilliant. 

The Conviction Backbone


Bone of 

Tested faith

Strong and supple

Lifts you securely

Supports with certitude

Straightens and  sets you onward

Eyes thoroughly and squarely fixed

On the path ahead and open door

And the sun that cast light on dark shadows. 


31 thoughts on “Having a Conviction Backbone

  1. I think I have always been harder on myself when I fail than anyone else. I need to remember not to beat myself up when I fail but reflect and see what i can do to change my out come next time.

  2. That’s very well said. It’s never easy to move on after losing something or someone you value. We all cope in our own way, it’s just that there are people who would rather just give up because it’s so much easier. Sometimes we just need some motivation. And a good support as well.

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