Under pressure

“Under pressure…..pushing down on me…..”

This song by the iconic David Bowie has been ringing in my head for the past few weeks.

I am a definite non-fan of pressure.

Anyone who has come into contact with me will verify my hate of it.

My feelings of resentment start to surface when someone puts me under pressure.

Hard as it is to accept, I decided that I have to give it credit.

I would not know how much I have taken for granted otherwise.

Pressure, as painful as it is, has pushed me forward. It determines my moments of creativity.

It has kept me organized and helped me to get things done.

With that, it is time to recognize this week’s pressurizing times.

I am glad that my husband has put pressure on the both of us to get a new home. Change and stress are always hard to adapt to, but it is about the time we made the change. It has also made us more conscious of our financial positions.

I am grateful that one of my clients has forced me to become more conscious of how I use keywords. It is a tedious process, but the pressure is useful.

My dogs give me eustress. I am under constant pressure to ensure that Misty has medicine to maintain liver health. Her liver caused a seizure some years ago and needs supplements to function.

Pressure pushing down on you can bring out your strength.


Pressure cooker
Its heat ever scorching
May burn all the fingers that touch
But warm.

Ten Things of Thankful

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10 thoughts on “Under pressure

  1. As always, Michelle, you have nailed the feelings of being under pressure and gaining strength and gratitude for that pressure. I always enjoy reading your persepctives. Good luck in the search for a new home.

  2. Wow. You sure have a knack for putting a positive spin on pressure! Good for you Michelle, but I’m sorry you’ve been feeling it in such abundance.
    How exciting to move! Having said that, I appreciate the challenge change poses for rogers 🙂

  3. Ha ha….and now you know that we will all have that song running through our heads for a couple weeks too!

    I used to say I do my best work under pressure, but truthfully that was a feeble excuse not to work on something that I didn’t want to do in the first place! I absolutely adore my kids and love when they are home, but the upside of the empty nest is the lack of pressure it involves. Hope your pressure eases soon.

  4. good topic, pressure is the thing we could not do without (or all things would fly apart, as Yeates said (sorta)) but surely we can all do without the added work (in resisting the tendency to crush) that our our perception of pressure engenders…

    (btw: what is that in the photo at the top of the post??!)

  5. Eustress is an interesting thing, isn’t it?
    Pressure…when I hear that word I go straight to Billy Joel, rather than David Bowie. The Bowie is also an awesome song. Awesome. So now I’ll have both of those in my head for the rest of the day… thanks! 😀
    Like May said, I used to ascribe to the theory that I work better under pressure. I often actually do and it has everything to do with my ADHD personality. But I find the older I get the more I prefer not to work that way.
    Love the poem.

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