When I Lost Mom by Jaden Lee

Last Wednesday was the most heartbreaking day of my life , it was when I lost my mother to a tragic car accident. Later that evening, I found myself standing on the edge of an overhanging bridge, above a sea of bulldozing cars.

“John! Hurry up! You’re going to be late for school!” my mother chased me. Rushing out of the restroom with my shirt and pants not buttoned up, I yanked the kitchen pantry open and poured a waterfall of cereal into my mouth. That made a gigantic mess which I did not bother to clear. Debating what to do with the overflowed cereal on the floor, I discreetly hid it in the pantry. With no time to spare, I dashed out of the garage door and jumped through the car window as if I was in a Mission Impossible movie.

“Why do you always wake up so late? I told you to sleep early! Why don’t you listen? I have other places to be and other things to do! I have already lost your father and now I have to be the one to provide a roof over your head, and food on your dinner table! Why can’t you just understand? I have lost plenty of valuable things to my life and now you want me to succumb to insanity! ” my mother roared at me while driving. Embarrassed, I tried to hold back my tears. However, as every second passed by, holding them back became more of a challenge and nearly impossible. The strain in my throat had gotten great to the point when I could no longer hold them back. My eyes started spewing with tears. “Errkkkk!” a Bugatti Veron lost control in the oncoming traffic in front of us and crashed on the driver side of the car. “Boom!” The airbags punched me in the face and the next thing I knew, I was unconscious.

I woke up in a hospital bed, dumbfounded. When I surveyed my surroundings I noticed a formally dressed woman in a black suit with a briefcase in her hands. “Where is my mother? Why am I here? What happened” I bombarded her with questions. “ Hi, my name is Joelle, I’m your orphanage manager. My condolences, however, your mother had just passed away in the Emergency Room. The doctors tried their best to bring her back but she had lost too much blood.” she said in a griefing manner. Suddenly, the walls of the room I was in started crashing down on me, like

my life was about to end. Without my mother I was nothing, she had dressed every wound I have ever gotten and cheered me up when I was sad or pampered me when I was ill. Without her, I would have never been brought into this wonderful world. Knowing something as precious as life could be easily taken away, I would never have expected that this would happen to me. The thought of losing the ability to see and never being able to get her back killed my heart.

Later that evening, I thought that I will never survive in such a dangerous world without my mother. So, when most of the doctors and nurses when home, I snuck out of the hospital and bolted across the street and stood on the edge of a bridge. In hopes of seeing my mother in heaven, I wanted to leap off of the bridge and crash into the asphalt road. “Stop! Don’t jump John! Please! Your mother would not want you to do this.” Joelle pleaded with a concerned look on her face. “ What would you know what my mother would want! You never met her, spoke to her, love her as I did! You are not feeling the pain that I am right now!” I roared sternly. “John, it is ok. You don’t have to see me. I will always be with you, in your heart and memories. Listen to Joelle and you can grow into a determined and resilient person like me. I love you, John, you have a whole life awaiting you.” my mothers voice emerged in my mind. With tears oozing out of my eye, I cautiously stepped down from the ledge and followed Joelle back to the Orphanage.


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