Who is Toto Chan?

IToto Chan

Those of you who are not familiar with this read yet must wonder who Toto Chan is.

She is, by no means, a fictional character. The circumstances surrounding here were no less real.

Educationists expelled this little Japanese girl from the mainstream Japanese school she went to and channeled her to Tomoe Gauken, a less traditional school. The school, oddly, had countless train cars. The unconventional principal had a laid back style of education. Students in Tomoe lived happy lives, while learning important life lessons.  The school was, sadly, bombed by the Allied forces in WWII and never rebuilt.

A draw of this book is that it teaches values and is a welcome read for children. A school of hard knocks, Tomoe Gauken teaches life, rather than academic lessons. The author, Tetsuo Kuroyanagaki, describes it using the innocent voice of a child. This makes the tale realistic and heartwarming.

The book’s message is relatable and simple. Without giving away too much, it is a must read for parents and educators.

The book has few flaws. That said, note that its points are salient, so you will have to read between the lines. The simple language may frustrate occasionally.

If you are an educator who needs a little inspiration, this book is for you. Change your family’s lives by grabbing it from the Getting Literal Retro Good’s store today.


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