Yuletide Hopes


Everyone has been privy to the “Christmas is a season of hope and love” description, and it can seem cliche. 

There are the usual church and party-going obligations, which put some eustress on the season. Then, frantic races to wrap presents and get all-important party favors ready.

In the midst of all this, there are the people who say, “What is Christmas? It’s over in a day.” These are the jaded words of those who have lost sight of its positive symbolism. Sadly, they are heard often and said by almost all. 
It is symbolism to keep in mind.  Hope springs in the middle of all the Yuletide hustle and bustle. It springs, though sadness tries to consume. It springs eternal, in the human breast.
I offer thanks for a few beacons of hope this Christmas.
My thanks for  Post-Christmas parties that will give me the chance to renew ties. Meeting rarely seen relatives and friends is always a boon.This is especially important this year, which has been quite trying.
I am thankful for writing clients over the holiday season. One in particular got me to exercise my writing chops. I never imagined myself writing guides for, of all things, motorcycles.
I am grateful for cooler weather over this season.
Above all, I give thanks that I have made it through what has been a reasonably rough year. 
Merry Xmas, everyone.


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9 thoughts on “Yuletide Hopes

  1. Merry Christmas to you! I too very much enjoy the holiday season and the opportunities it brings to connect with friends and family. It's sad when people lose the sense of wonder that makes Christmastime so magical.

  2. ‘eustress’ (had to look it up)… dude! excellent wordation!
    I trust you will have a most enjoyable holiday… given your latitude, you’re six steps ahead form the start (over those of us in the more artic regions)

  3. I looked up eustress, as well. Merry Christmas, Michelle, and I wish the hope of the season brings peace and happiness after a very trying year for you.

  4. I'm sorry it has been such a trying year for you Michelle.
    Enjoy reconnecting with family and friends. If ever there is a time to do it, Christmas is the perfect time:)
    I too love your tree. It's beautiful!
    Merry Christmas Michelle. May you and your family enjoy the peace and renewal this season brings 😀

  5. You know eustress! I love you, Michelle! That is one of my favorite things. 🙂
    Beautiful tree. And I am sorry you’ve had such a rough year – I do understand. Keep hanging in there, friend!
    I really hate that Christmas gets packed up so immediately when we really should be just starting our celebration then! I think that’s the best time – when it’s just time to peacefully enjoy and reflect.
    I hope you have a peaceful and magical holiday!

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